Stop thinking right now. Stop thinking. Stop. You get to choose, Though a shadowy colossus approaches. You are going to feel an infinite variation of pulsating rhythms composed of pain and pleasure. The tattoo of feelings will try to control you, to own you, to take you down. But you are only here In this … Continue reading Mosh

The Climb

This is a call to all the climbers out there. To the people not done chasing those towering peaks called, Dreams. Keep climbing. To the fighters pushing to outlast the challenges of a difficult world, To the lovers opening their hearts to an uncertain world, To the visionaries with eyes for future worlds: Keep climbing. … Continue reading The Climb


The world keeps spinning strangely.  The bad guys keep winning and the good guys' desks are covered in thick layers of dust.  Every day, it seems, something else goes against the moral arc of the universe. Part of waking up from the slumber and fog of adolescence, for me, has been realizing how radical hope is … Continue reading Dawn