The world keeps spinning strangely.  The bad guys keep winning and the good guys’ desks are covered in thick layers of dust.  Every day, it seems, something else goes against the moral arc of the universe.

Part of waking up from the slumber and fog of adolescence, for me, has been realizing how radical hope is when the world teems with powerful slugs expanding their bleak empires with what appears to be a singular focus on making life more challenging.  Adulthood is either an act of resistance or an act of submission.  Or so it seems.

As a child, I felt very confident that I would make the world a better place.  I believed strongly that any person could.  I also believed, in time, the world could only improve because that was the story I had been told in words, images, and feelings since I was born.

Most of the time these days, I feel that the best a person can do is not submit.  The powers that be do not care about you as a person; they care about you as a taxpayer, a soldier, a business owner, a parent, a follower–a pawn in their grand scheme to achieve some end they refuse to reveal to you.  Or so it seems.

I feel that the good parts of society are coming undone and only to be reconstructed later in a darker, more sinister, and less forgiving mold.  But, then again, I think that may have more to do with my perspective changing than any external shift in the way things are.

Basically, the world is a hard place to live.  And, I think, it always has been, but as a child I didn’t know it.  However, I think lately people who want to make the world a harder place to live–who want people to have to struggle more vigorously than is truly necessary–have tapped into some combination of emotion, anger, and belief that has imbued them with the ability to turn their ideas into realities.

And their only opposition are composed of individuals far too concerned with what happens when they win than how to defeat the enemies on the ridge.

I think this may be an historic moment.  This may be a period of time generations will look back on and study and discuss and lament having to study and discuss.  I believe things will keep getting harder and more dire.  And the increasing challenge of the times will drive people to do desperate things.

I do believe there are people ready for these immense challenges.  We just have not met them yet.  The heroes of any drama often arrive when they are needed, not when they are desired.  Otherwise, there would be no dramas.  And human existence is the grandest of them all.

Still, I patiently await the arrival of the dawn, which I imagine will be full of joy.

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