The Climb

This is a call to all the climbers out there.

To the people not done chasing those towering peaks called,


Keep climbing.

To the fighters pushing to outlast the challenges of a difficult world,

To the lovers opening their hearts to an uncertain world,

To the visionaries with eyes for future worlds:

Keep climbing.

You saw the mountaintops from some distant vantage point,

You see nothing but inclines, obstacles, and bad weather,

You do not see your progress,

You will see the colossus, sky full of wonder, fruit of your labor, if you:

Keep climbing.

The challenge of your now is

Remembering your then

Without forgetting your tomorrow, while you:

Keep climbing.

It will always be harder than you thought.

You will not be prepared for every challenge that greets you.

But you do not know yourself as well as you believe.

You are a creature of the universe, made from stars, capable of infinite possibility.

Keep climbing.

Whether it’s a Career,



An act of creation,

Keep climbing.

Each moment, you move closer.

Each effort, pushes you along.

Progress cannot be stopped by slow progress.

Growth is painful, debilitating, uncomfortable.

Keep climbing.

For someday soon,

You will reach your mountaintop.

Your heart and soul will inflate with the joy of completion.

Your lungs will fill with the most refreshing, pure, crisp air.

You will believe you can live eternally on the bounty of this moment.

And just then you will see

A pantheon of peaks resplendent with the trappings of worlds as yet unknown to you.

And you will realize then, that you must

Keep climbing.

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