10 reasons why this one thing will bring down Trump!

Today, I saw an ad for “American made apparel for minimalists” with one of those rugged looking models who probably works out three times a day and is pushing 40 that so many ad-people like to play hipster-millennials. So, the world’s doing fine.

I mean, for real, we now live in a world where “minimalism” is a lifestyle market that retailers cater to without a single whiff of irony.  No one gives any fucks anymore.  It’s just pure chaos out there.

Venezuela is on fire; Brazil is in the process of removing its second president in so many years; Illinois can’t fund a single classroom eraser on the South Side without its governor accusing the opposing party of “politicizing the issue” (whatever the fuck that means); the U.S. healthcare market is now a reality TV show with no host, no players, only losers; and the whole world has forgotten about Brexit, Syria, the Paris climate agreement, and Hillary Clinton’s emails.

So, what should we all do?  Probably many, many things.  What will we do?  Likely nothing; KCCO.  Why?  Cause this place sucks, we never really liked it that much, the good stuff is always the stuff you’re not supposed to do, the one good thing you’re allowed to do you rarely get to do, and we’re hoping to just ride this shitstorm out.  Amirite?

Of course, some people will do great, heroic things regardless of the din of decaying moral, political, and actual infrastructure upholding this whole crazy endeavor called life.  They should be applauded, rewarded, praised.  Their tales should live on in song and legend.  But, we know that won’t happen.

In this world so full of flaws, cowards, and cretins, only the evil gets churned and spread.  The good gets carefully deconstructed and atomized so as to stymie its transformative effects.

It’s a bleak parade out there.  A carnival of dark spirits and dangerous, poorly hidden secrets.  A macabre countdown until the next big breakdown.  Hold tight to your loved ones, but not too tight.

Perhaps, I have consumed too much news, too many 80 truth beverages.  Still, I think it’s best to not think about it all too much, lest you find yourself implicated in the darkness.

One thought on “10 reasons why this one thing will bring down Trump!

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