Is the Internet a place?

What is the Internet?  We “surf” it.  We “go on” it.  We’re “connected to” it.  We “browse” it.  We “host” on it.  We “play” on it.

What is it?  Do we need to start thinking about it as a place?  If so, who governs it?  Does it need its own laws?  Does it have its own flora and fauna?  Are we the gods of the Internet?  Or merely its angels?  Is the real world the Internet’s heaven or is the Internet heaven?  Or hell?

Is the Internet a consciousness?  Can it be culpable?  Does it have intentionality?  If so, what must we do about this?

Is this post created by me and hosted by the Internet?  Or is this post a message I revealed to the Internet?

What is our relation to the Internet?

Is it good or bad to have the Internet?

Can we ever know?

Are tools just tools or are they something else?



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