Challenge Yourself in 2018

It has been just under a year since Donald Trump won the presidency.  It’s also the year that the new millennium turns 18.

To me, things are getting weirder just as they remain the same.  Such is life in what Kurt Andersen has dubbed “Fantasyland.”  This week, Oprah burst on the cultural scene as a way-too-early-but-also-kind-of-probable possibility to run for president in 2020.  Last week, Michael Wolff released a juicy exploit regarding the inanities of Trump’s first year in the White House that may or may not be littered with apocryphal tropes.  All the while, North Korea and South Korea had formal talks and struck an agreement to send North Korean athletes to the 2018 Winter Olympics and Congress is contemplating a mega-bill, including relief for DACA recipients and funding for Trump’s border wall.  And that’s just some of what’s happening.

I don’t know what this year holds.  We’ve just cracked the surface.  But, I’d wager things won’t change too radically unless, of course they do–be it by nuclear war or Democrat takeover of the House/Senate/both.

Still, complacency is normal and deadly.  Few people actually die from cataclysm.  Most die slowly by their own poor choices.

So, this year, I hope we can all make a concerted effort to read and think more.  To humble ourselves and be patient.  Take the slow, steady path that promises true development and growth rather than the easy, quick path of convenient comfort.  Challenge yourself.  The long, tough road is the only way towards changing things for the better.

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