Just Asking

I'm not sure which I prefer more: solving all my own problems or not asking for help.  It's definitely a close call though I imagine it's the latter. I guess, some part of me thinks asking for help is like admitting defeat.  Somewhere in my head resides some misguided sage who informs me that asking … Continue reading Just Asking

One Day

And then, one day, you're going to get home from breakfast with your folks and the police are going to pull up to your house and tell you they got a call about your brother.  You're going to freeze for a moment.  Then, you're going to run into the house, up the stairs, into the … Continue reading One Day

Songs of Stigma

Imagine you have experienced a terribly embarrassing event or happening.  You are surrounded by people you love, respect, and value immensely and then, without your control or consent, something occurs and you do something, say something, or experience something scary, shameful, and strange. Your world dissolves into raindrops on windshields, bright white lights, a locked … Continue reading Songs of Stigma